Thursday, July 29, 2010

MI2: The Sequel and Bricks....

After few busy weekends, we finally made our way back to our block of land at The Ponds on the weekend.

It has been a while since we last visited the area and it was good to see some progress that has been happening there.  We can see that the kerbs are already in place in our block!  YAY!!

We thought that there will be another delay with the land constructions due to the wet weather as of late.  We are happy to see the progress thus far and looking forward for our tender presentation now.  We still have our finger crossed about getting the land registered on time in December...


Before visiting our land, we also made our way to Austral Brick.  The standard inclusions that we got for bricks from Metricon was category 1 and 2 bricks.  So we make sure that we checked them out first.

Our original selection was the Orpheus color from the Whitsunday range.  However after inspecting our brick selection a lot closer, we didn't really like the color very much and instead the Carlisle color looks more appealing.

As we choose a facade that is modern looking, we wanted to have a modern colored theme as well.  After inspecting all the category 1 and 2 ranges, we thought that none of the colors actually matches what we wanted.  Especially when we discovered that the bricks were actually painted and the color does not go through into the bricks.  Photos below:

Orpheus Color
Carlisle Color

Carlisle and Orpheus from afar

After looking and investigating all our options, we are thinking to upgrading our brick selection to category 3.  We thought that one of these bricks would look perfect for our brand new home:

Metropolis Series - Topaz color

Symmetry Range - Earth

We really like the Earth color as it will suit our color scheme perfectly, however to upgrade to this category will take an extra $7000 for us.... So we are looking if we can squeeze the budget to fit this in.  It's going to be tough...

The Ponds 

Photos from our visit last weekend:


Kerbs on Waterfall 9 block and our little inspector on the job

What it appears to be the maintenance hole on our block and our little inspector is testing the strength of the cover

Monday, July 19, 2010

Update about something... at least...

It's been a while since I last updated this blog and I think it's about time to do so...

What a month it has been...  we have been pretty busy with our little family lately that we have neglected going over to The Ponds or even doing some project home thinking!  That's very naughty of us....

Yesterday we took our kids out to watch the Disney on Ice show at the Acer Arena - Olympic park.  We had a wonderful time and our son really loves them!  (Our little girl probably don't understand what was going on as she just turned 1 last Thursday!)  After the show the skaters (still with their costume on of course) hang out on the edge and call out for the kids to come over.  As we were sitting quite close to the ice rink, I took our son to go over the ice rink to shake their hand.  Well not all of them but at least he got to shake hand with Mickey Mouse!!

On the way back to our car we asked him if he enjoyed the show and he said yes.  We also asked him who was his favorite character; and he answered Mickey Mouse! hahahaha... kids are just so amazing :)  We are very happy to see that our kids actually enjoyed the show.... and to see them happy means a lot to us :)

Anyway to update what is happening with our project home...

In my very first post, I've written about how our home purchase at Auburn was a total failure and we instructed our conveyancer to cancel the contract.  As we have waited for more than 12 months we are able to cancel the contract without penalties.  We received an update from our conveyancer last week that the receivers and managers of the property has received our instructions and therefore have cancelled the contract as per our request.  We are now waiting for our deposit to be refunded to us.  Hopefully this doesn't take a full month again.  That's one of the good news...

The bad news is nothing has happened in our block of land.  No construction progress update or whatsoever.  Well it has been raining a lot for the last couple of weeks so they probably delay the work on our block again... This would mean that Metricon is not able to send site engineers to inspect the block in order to determine our site costs will be.

We got a call today from our SC saying that Metricon would like to fast track the tender process for us.  As we are not able to give them an update about our block of land, he wanted us to get a contour diagram plan that show the rise/fall of the land.  He said that by getting this, Metricon would take the risk and work of the contour plan to determine our site costs and if there is anything extra, Metricon will bear the cost... How very generous of them!!  Thank you!! :)

So I rang The Ponds office and asked them to provide me with a contour diagram for our block that I can send to our SC.  Hopefully that would speed up our tender presentation and we get to select colours and all the other appointments that we need to do.

A bad news that is followed by a good news can't be that bad I guess.... Another exciting moment of our lives!! :)
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