About Skypiea

You all might wonder, why did I name my blog site "Skypiea(read: Sky-pee-uh)? What does it mean, if it has any?

Well, the word Skypiea is actually a name that I copied from a Japanese animated TV series called One Piece.

The show itself is about an adventure of a group young "pirates" in the hunt for a treasure that was left by the greatest pirates of all time called One Piece, hence the title of the show.  However each and everyone of them of their own dream and goal to achieve in the journey.

Skypiea itself means The Sky Island or in another words Island in the Sky.  According to the history, it is an entire island that was lifted up to the sky ages ago and no one had any luck finding it until these group of young pirates did.

So why did I use the name Skypiea?

In the series, Skypiea is a beautiful island filled with it's angelic people with wings behind their back, similar to the stereotypical angel stories.  They live a happy and harminous life.  The people of Skypiea have a religious reverence for soil, because it can yield plant life much better than island cloud can.

I guess in a way this was the thinking behind my imagination of having a Skypiea as a name to my place.  I really like to have a heaven on earth feeling which is none other than the place we call home.  With land being a precious commodity at the moment then really it fits the concept and the description perfectly.

So there you go, this is why I used the name Skypiea.
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