Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let there be light

Not exactly but close to it anyway.  Electricity is not working as yet you see... but that will change in the next 5 - 10 days as we've just oragnised

Last week it's the lights fittings, the power point and more painting.

However today I received a breaking news from Metricon.  It would appear that the plumbing fit out has been completed and the next stages, which is the final stages, are to clean up the site and do final touch ups.  Looks like the house maybe ready by Christmas after all...

This would only mean that we need to start organising for the flooring guy to come and do their measurement, blinds and shutters, fencing around the house, landscaping, etc etc.  Still plenty to do but the main thing is to get the house ready for us to move in.  Once we have the key of course...

So moving in is not until after the Christmas - New Year period.

Quite excited with the news but hopefully it's not like some other companies that I've dealt with over the past couple of weeks, N.A.T.O.  (No Action Talk Only).  Some companies nowadays are very good at that...

We'll most likely replace these after we move in and settled.

Downlight package - Part of the promo

Heat pack for all the bathroom.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fence Down

Nothing much to report this week other than the temporary construction fence is down and the walls have been repainted again.

It would seem like everything is progressing but very slowly.  Still to do are paving the driveway and rendering the front pillar.

Our house in picture:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And the tiling continues...

This feels like a dejavu post when I was writing about our bricking stage.

Not so much happening in our building journey last week and this week other than tiling and tiling and tiling...  Frustrating when you are only one stage away from completion.

The progress have been pretty slow in our construction and there is a slim chance that we will move in before Christmas as it is only about 5 weeks away.  To get to the completion or hand over stage, the contract variation that we request need to be provided and the house needs to be ready for us to "live in" practically.

However, upon completion or handing over and getting the keys, I still need to arrange for the flooring guys to come in and do their bit.  There is also fencing and landscaping added to that to do list.

So we may not be able to move in to our new house until the new year...


Shower in ensuite

President bath tub (that's a big tub)

Upstairs bathroom


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