Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flooring done

Floorboards are finally laid and we are should now be ready to move in.

We went with bamboo flooring inspired by our neighbor, Thigee, who lives only across the road from us.  To my recollection, I think she said that strand woven bamboo are the hardest amongst all of them.  There should be some article somewhere in the net that supports this.

I initially wanted to mix with some carpets as, to me personally, it feels like a cosy bedroom. 

Our choice of color for the bamboo is quite restricted as it needs to match up with the internal color that we already have.  As most of our color accent is pretty much chocolate or dark chocolate or even some people called it mocha, then finding a color for the floor shouldn't be too hard.

Here is what we came up with:

Work in progress

When it's all finished and cleaned (by me! :))

The stairs is looking good me thinks.

The state of the study room courtesy of the kids, and we haven't officially move in yet :)
 Overall we are quite happy with the job.  Only thing to note for this is, make sure you know exactly the size of the fridge that you have or will have.  We had some trouble fitting in the fridge as the edging of the floor didn't allow the fridge to go into the space.  So we had to get the people who did the job to come back and take the edging out so we can put the fridge into place.

Obviously this shouldn't be an issue if the floor are done before the hand over or you will have carpet or tiles to where the fridge supposed to go.

Next stop MOVING IN!


Pandorash8 said...

Your floors look lovely! What type of bamboo flooring is it i.e. colour and board type? And did you install it everywhere..? My boyfriend and I want timber flooring in our house too and are still undecided about what to choose.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Hi Pandorash8 thank you! sorry it took so long for me to respond as we have been busy moving in and just managed to get the internet working today!
The bamboo type as I recall is strand woven bamboo. it's supposed to be one of the hardest one. The color is mahogany. Yes we install it everywhere :)

House of Lerve said...

So happy for you. Well we have waffle pods and steel and should have the concrete poured on Monday for our TriBeCa 36. Your flooring is beautiful.

Pyara Sa Ghar said...

looks lovely

kiki said...

Hello, I just found out your blog.

Congratulation for beautiful house and floor. You have made me thinking of bamboo floor.

Can I ask about your timber retaining wall. Are you happy with it and how much it cost and can you recommend retaining wall contractor?

Thanks a lot.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Hi Kiki,
Thank you for checking out my blog and your lovely comment.

I am quite happy with the work for the retaining wall. I wish it was on the boundary of the land but I was told that I cant have that as I got a sewer line running underneath.

The retaining wall comes as a package to the landscape job so I'm not sure specifically how much it cost.

Designer Green was the one that did the job. They have an office in Kellyville and they also have a website that you can find out more info.

Hope this helps.

Rica Y said...

Flooring looks stunning, I think we picked a similar colour so seeing your photos has me really excited for what's to come!


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