Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why The Ponds?

Moving to The Ponds will have a big impact in our day to day lives.  This would mainly concern in getting to work on time as well getting my son ready to go to his child care center in the city.  Oh, I haven't said that I'm working in the Sydney city have I?  Well I am working in the city and to get to work from where we currently live, it would take about 20 minutes express train ride and if we want to talk about door to door it'll be pretty much half an hour on average.  We are leaving in the inner west suburbs of Sydney called Ashfield and we don't live to far away from the station.

So why am I still considering to move to The Ponds?  It's really none other the following reasons:

As previously mentioned, my little family is now, although slowly, growing and soon enough we will need a bigger space for them.  The requirement there is none other than a house.

I also wanted an area where we can blend in and to be ourselves, friendly environment but yet sustainable.  A quiet area but not too quiet.  Some parkland, if possible, so we don't have to travel far away for family exercise session.  Lastly somewhere close to school.

Funnily enough for a suburb that previously I haven't even heard of, The Ponds tick all of the boxes and give something more as well.  From our research, most of the people purchasing or beginning a new life at The Ponds are actually in our age group so that's really a big plus for us, as we will have some people already that we can connect to.   I am really a big fan about having a social life and getting involve in a community where everyone can gather and share common interests together :)

In relation to the proximity of The Ponds, after making few trips to The Ponds and back, we didn't feel that it's far at all. (I can even get there with my eyes closed now :)).  So I guess it's a matter of how quickly we can adapt to our new life at The Ponds.


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