Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mission Impossible: Up Close and Personal

Sneaking in...

Thanks to the info that we got from the people at HomeOne forum, we discovered that we can actually sneaked in all the way to our land! How cool is that!

After making sure that the rain has stopped (it has been raining for the whole week!) or at least no rain while we were on the mission :). We managed to walk all the way and took some photos of our to be land! :)

Taken from Meander Crescent overlooking Waterfall 9 and Spring Street
Looks like they have started putting in the kerb and gutter

Taken from the corner of Spring St and Copper St
At least they started to build the road on this street

Taken from Copper St.
Making our way to our land

Walked pass a manhole and thought that 
"Would this be the manhole on the back of our land will look like?"

This is a series of photos taken with different angles and view that we thought where our block of land supposed to be. 

As you can see there is still a puddle of water from the rain on that block.  I was advised by Landcom that the construction was stopped for the whole week due to the rain.  This is bad news for us because it would mean that Metricon won't be able to send their site surveyor to do the soil test and determine our site costs. :(

Oh well, what some rainy days we had here....

Mission accomplished.... over and out...


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