Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tender Presentation - Part 1

We had our tender presentation this morning and as we expected the grand total (not including color upgrades) was a bit more.  Not that we were surprised by that at all.  We already expected it when we submitted our variations list, including changes due to the covenant and design guideline.

We were hoping to take some of the variations out and see if we can do some of the improvements ourselves.

The tender presentation went really well.  This is our first time doing a project home and our presenter was really good, professional and thorough when explaining things that we didn't understand.  For one, there was a lot of building terms in the document but our presenter explained it really well.  We were impressed and learned a lot about building from the session.

There were one consideration that we had to make with the design plan of the house.  As part of the Reflection promotion package that we mentioned in my previous post, we receive a Bi-Fold solid timber door up to 2400mm, which is a three Bi-Fold solid timber door.  We initially thought that this door was to replace the aluminium stacker door leading to the outdoor room from the dining.  To our surprise this is another door that we need to consider it's placement.  In the plan, it is placed on the side of the Rumpus room, which in a way ruins our plan to have an enclosed Rumpus room.

This might be something that we have to live with.  The other issue that we have was the height gap between the two doors are actually quite noticeable looking from the outside.  Hopefully our presenter can find a solution for that one.

On another note, in relation to upgrades.  We have added a few more wishlist to the house variations:
  • Upgrade the entire kitchen to look exactly like the one in the display house at The Ponds;
  • Driveway as part of the landscape;
  • Security alarm; and
  • Roof sarking

We can't have the storage room under the stairs anymore as the articulation to the wall affected that area.  So we'll need to come up with another storage solution but looking at the proposed floor plan, I think we should be fine.

I don't think this is the final list.  Hopefully by color selection appointment time, we have better control over ourselves.


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