Saturday, April 16, 2011

My first landscape job!

Ok so I'm not very good at gardening or anything to do with backyard, front yard, plants or anything that relates to gardening.  As a matter of fact, I've tried to look after an indoor type but even that I failed miserably. But hey, everyone need to start somewhere right?

So this is my first time to actually do a gardening job.  I have done some garden maintenance in the past but it's only limited to lawn mowing and watering the plants.

Anyway on with the topic.

As part of our contract agreement with Metricon, we need to clear our land of any obstacles that might hinder the construction process.  That includes trees, debris, long grass, rubish, etc.  I think in one of my entires, I've mentioned about a tree that is impeding the construction of the driveway that connects our driveway to the street.

In the council submission that Metricon provided, it was proposed that the tree was to be repositioned by ourselves.  So I did just that last Sunday 10 April, with the help from a friend of course.  Here are some picture evidence of my effort:

I am feeling quite proud of myself that I just moved a tree and did my first landscape job and was still standing when I left it.  However upon visiting our land again yesterday, I discovered that the tree that I moved last Sunday had fallen to the ground.  Apparently I accidently cut off the roots of the tree during my attempt to dug it out.  So with the strong wind conditions for the past week or so, the tree that I just moved will not stand a chance against the harsh environment.  I was told that the tree will die as a result of that.

I've also noticed that there is a block across from us that the council tree has been completely removed from where it used to be!  They must've fall under the same situation that we are in.  I didn't bother trying to plant the tree again as the wind conditions hasn't changed much and also I didn't bring my tools anyway.  Might do more work on it later during the break.

I thought to myself that it was too good to be true that I can gardening on my own.  However I will keep trying and learning.  This is fun!  Also I wanted the house and it's surrounding to look nice when we move in.  I learned that a good landscape has also it's benefits.  Not only it will add some tranquility to your lifestyle but can also add more value to your home.  Check out this site if you like to find out more.


Thigee said...

Hi Skypiea, the block across the road is my brother's block of land. The tree actually died after the very hot weather in December. Still hasn't been replaced by council but he is planning to put his own choice of tree there anyway. His house is starting in May.

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