Friday, January 21, 2011

Land Registered

We finally see some progress with the registration of our land.  When we saw the latest update on their website last month, we were told that the land is not going to be registered until mid February.  However to my surprise, I got an email from the conveyancer saying that the land has been registered and that the settlement is due in three weeks time.

We now need to get all the bank document finalized so that we can settle for the land.  All the essential documents have been signed but apparently we also need to open a daily transaction account with the bank, in order for them to have a direct debit access to our account.

On another note, we haven't heard anything back from Metricon with the progress of the design stage.  The last news that I've got from Metricon was the conditions that are required by the developer design panel to which we thought was already solved.

Further to this, along with the letter of registration notice, we also got a notice on the restriction changes to the contract.  In particular there are couple of significant changes.  They are:

  • Changes to the restriction of the electricity padmount substation.  The big electricity green box, that was supposed to be located in the corner lot of our block, has been removed.  This is a good change because it means that we don't need to worry about certain fire ratings for the materials anymore.
  • Changes to the restriction of Rural Fire Service requirement.  This change will require us to ensure that we are protecting ourselves with sealing the windows and any gaps with aluminium screen so as to prevent ember. in the event of disaster such as fire, entering our house.

Thus upon getting this notice, I have forwarded this to our Customer Service Officer at Metricon.  So far she has only acknowledge that she has received my email.  I guess I need to be a little more proactive and get some info from her as soon as possible.

Unfortunately also, this have passed the tender price period of 240 days that we got.  This would mean that we are now being charged 0.5% of our total contract price.

Oh well, all I can say for now is "Whenever there is a good news, there is almost always a bad news..."


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