Friday, February 4, 2011

Council Submission

We're in council!!!!

After a long and anxious wait, I finally got the news that our plan has been submitted to the council for approval. The news on about our plan submission did not come from Metricon.  I used a site called Planning Alerts that tells you nearby development application submission around your address.  You can also create an email alert that notifies you if any development application has been submitted on any given day.  You can even view the detailed information about the development by clicking the URL link and it will direct you to the related council where the development application has been submitted.

I used an address nearby our block of land and I'd like to thank a particular someone in The Ponds Boulevard whose address I used so that I can subscribe to these alerts notification.

This is how I learned that our plan has been submitted to the council.  Metricon did notify us about the progress or about the submission, however it is not until four days later.

Up to this stage, we have been quite busy getting the bank loan organised, which has caused us a lot of dramas, and the settlement date of our land is also just around the corner.  It is less than a week now to own our block of land!

I also received a call from Metricon - Studio M to arrange a time for us to go for our internal color appointment!

It really feels like we just jumped a few steps in our building journey...  Hopefully it is not long until we actually start the building process.


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