Sunday, March 20, 2011

Electrical Appointment

This would be a very tricky post as I can't find the pictures of what we have selected.  But hopefully I can give some insights into our selection.

From my earlier post regarding the promotion package and as I have mentioned many times, we are already getting some quality designer products, so there won't be many additions here.  But in case you were wondering, our total upgrade in electrical cost more than internal color selection...

So why does this cost more?

For most part, I am not an electrician and from what I was told by our consultant, only those who have electrician skills and it is what they do for a living, their electrical selection are far lower than our cost.  On average, electrician spend between few hundred to couple thousand dollars at maximum for their upgrade.  This is because for most of the area, they can do it themselves.

I considered a lot of options before going to our electrical appointment but ultimately, anything that is related to electrical, we are better off doing it early while the house is still in it's frame stage.  Doing electrical work after the handover, especially being a double storey house, would cost a lot more than what we are spending right now.

We avoided getting fittings as much as possible but eventually a couple did slipped in to our contract variation quote.

What we did end up getting in our electrical appointment session:

  1. Home Networking System - coming from an IT background, the first question that I ask at the appointment was "I like to install the network hub that you've got on the display corner there, can you tell me how much it costs?"  Our consultant just smiled and said that she already guessed that I will ask the question.  I opted to install the Cat 5e networking system as installing Cat 6 would blow our budget by far.  I must admit if this was a single storey house, I might do this work after the handover.  However we are building a double storey house and like I said previously to do this type of work after handover would be a nightmare and ended up costing more.
  2. Mini cabinet downlight fittings to niche cutout near the dining room.
  3. Additional air conditioning zone.
  4. Additional alarm sensor to the master bedroom.

As far as getting some fittings concerned, we are getting this light bar to be installed above the mirror in the ensuite.

Total damage in our electrical appointment was close to $6000.

Combining the total cost for internal and electrical selection, our wallet is about $10k thinner.


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