Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taps, Hardwares/Accessories, Handles, etc.

Well mostly we left everything to what we've got in Metricon's reflection promotion.  Little that we know, the bathroom, kitchen and laundry hardwares that included were exceeding my expectations already.  I was like are you sure that we are getting all these?  Our consultant said, yes, they are part of the promotion that we purchased.  I know that the promotion package has a lot of upgrades in it but I didn't think it would be that good and well worth it.

To this date I have no regret whatsoever with our purchase of the promotion package.

So on to the main topic here are what we are getting:

General choices:

We've added a deadbolt lock to the external door in the laundry room with the model below.

We have also upgraded all the handles for every cabinets that we have in the house.  This also applies to the linen cupboard on the ground floor as well as first floor.  So all cabinets in the kitchen, laundry, powder, bathroom and the ensuite will have this handle with the length and size to suit.  i.e. for longer drawer we will have longer handles.  The handle option below is in fact a standard option so it costs nothing to upgrade to the shorter version of the handle.  The only upgrade is the longer handle which cost us around $15 per handle.

Bathroom choices:

Semi-recessed basin
Above the counter basin
We elected to have the basin above the counter in the powder and bathroom.

The semi-recessed basin will be in the ensuite.  Having the semi-recessed counter require us to extend the caesarstone that we have to act as an apron for the vanity unit.

Moda Duo Rail - Standard Shower Head

Wall mixer for the shower

Star double towel rail
Metza Rectangular Hob 200mm Spout for the bath

Alto basin mixer

Alto Toilet Ring
Alto Soap Holder

Kitchen choices:
Clark Quatro Double End Bowl

There is not much upgrades here as we have already upgraded the entire kitchen upon the tender request.  Our kitchen should look very similar to the one in the display house at The Ponds, Tribeca display.

One thing that we added was the wine rack above the fridge.

Laundry choices:

As part of the promotion package we have already got the 2 cupboards and the broom cupboard as standard but we added another cupboard like the picture above just so that we can have some space whenever we needed to do anything there.

In Studio M product book, this is listed as an upgrade item.  However we are getting this as part of the promotion package.  The only upgrade here is the tap.  Cost around $40.
Apologies for the picture quality as they are scanned.  I've tried to find some pictures for the product but it isn't showing up even on the search engine.

The total damage done for internal colour selection including the accessories is about $4,500.


Tonia said...

Very nice choices! Very similar to ours :) Have you chosen your tiles yet?

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Thank you! :)

No, we haven't had our tile appointment yet. I was told that they will contact us during the building period.

Which part of Kellyville Ridge are you guys in?

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