Friday, July 29, 2011

Honey.... The Roof's Leaking...

It's been a while since I last posted our latest update.  We've been quite busy recently with a lot of things.  From children getting the winter season disease, work, family events, newborn niece, relatives wedding, bank drama, etc.  Hectic!  But the most important thing of all, our son has been accepted to go to the primary school close to our house.  Yay!!  We now look forward to the orientation days in November.

Still we are glad now that all of the issues are behind us and we can start again look forward to getting our home to finish.

It's not that we haven't been visiting (how can we not??) to our soon-to-be house at all.  We have been visiting every weekend but I have been failing to write about it... at least until today.

During our visits, we've met with a lot of our soon to be neighbors as well.  At least by now, we know who is going live next to and behind us.  They are all very lovely people.  We thought that the block next to us was empty and it could be a while before any construction activity can start.

The corner block next to us is drawing their own plan for their custom design house.  Apparently they have a lot of restrictions due to the conditions of a corner block.  I was told a very long while ago that you need to have two facades that face the street.  Also it would seem that you still need to comply to the setbacks guide on all sides including the ones that comes in angle.  Sounds a lot more hectic than our build!

We also met with the young family next to us on the other side.  Similar to our situation they also have two kids and looking forward to go move in to The Ponds because of the community vibe.  Also another not quite so important but it kind of is, they are also building with Metricon!  They should already have signed the contract at the time of this post.  They were asking a lot of questions in relation to our building experience so far to which I just point them to my blog site where I've been sharing the news.

Really this has become a nice area to live in and although we haven't live there officially but it feels like we already are!

So what's been happening with our build?

First of all, the bricking should have been finished by now.  Well at least that's what our SS has said.  For about two to three weeks all he can say was, we are still working on the bricks and due to the wet weather this has been a slow process.

Nevertheless, I can see during one of my visit that the gutter and fascia are up.  So they have been doing some work after all.

Here are some of the pics from that visit.

A multi colored bricks for the front pilar?  I thought we suppose to be rendering this?

Bridge construction near our house

The bridge construction seems to be coming along nicely.  At this rate, I think the bridge should already finish by the time we move in.

Our SS also told us that the roof tiling has commenced and we should expect that to finish within the week depending on the kindness of mother nature with the rain of course.

Soon when the roof is up, we can do a house walk through.  Or so I've been told.

It has been raining a lot lately and getting access to the house without getting wet and mud all over the shoes can be very tricky indeed... I say where there is a will, there is always a way.  After wrapping my shoes with plastic material, off I went inside.  Although I know I'm not suppose to.

Here is our roof.  Delivered and not secured...

Has someone been cooking BBQ in my study room!?  Or is this their heater?? Our SS is going to hear about this!

Looks like this part is almost done

This part hasn't but the sarking is there?

It is so good to see at least one part is nearly complete and it starts looking like a proper house now

I came up to this scaffolding area via the main bedroom and through the en-suite window.  I happened to look at the area where it is suppose to be our shower.  I was told that the plumbing work has all been completed but I am pretty sure that they have missed an extra shower head that we requested in our contract.

I guess I will be letting our SS know about this before they close the entire wall.

So that's it for now.  Apologies for the long reading and thank you for reading up to here.

My neighbors, if you are reading this.  I hope to see you all on the weekend.



Bel and Phil said...

We'll be keeping a look out for you this weekend when we are there. It's good news about your son being accepted into the local school. I'm sure that other young families will be glad to hear about that. Have a good weekend

Thigee said...

Great to hear that your son got accepted into the local school. That's a relief I'm sure. Weather will be great for the next week, hope to see you at the house.

Sierra said...

So far, so good. Your house is starting to show its final look. After a few more months of continuous construction work, it'll be a place you can proudly call your own. By the way, your choice of roofing is pretty good! It complements the look of the whole place!

Sierra Nordgren

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