Monday, August 8, 2011

Bricks Cleaned... at least for the top floor

There's not much happening in between our visits couple of weeks ago to last week.

I have been getting some updates new from our SS but he just been saying that the rain has delayed the progress yet again.

Although I can see that they've been doing some work but it's more like "move along nothing to see here" type of work.

However the most recent update from our SS was the bricks for the top floor has been cleaned and that the scaffolding is due to come down in the coming days.

We were also told that by the end of next week, it will be the lockup stage.  I don't really see how is that happening as the doors that we wanted, i.e. the bi-folding doors and the front entrance door, haven't been delivered yet.

We've also told Metricon about our concern about the 'ad hoc' fire place inside the house, to me it really looks like someone has been cooking BBQ, cause there was some sort of grill at the top, at our place and inside the house!  They said they will send someone to investigate.  If occupational health and safety is really an issue, then hopefully they can be more considerate from now on whenever they need internal heating or a BBQ place.

Other than that, there is really nothing much to report.  The pics should be able to describe what has been happening :)

Looks like the rangehood has been delivered....

but... where is it??

The bricks has been cleaned for the top floor.

Before cleaning...

After cleaning...

Miscellaneous pics around the building...

Roof got cleaned too?

What happened here??

Last week

Skypiea as it is taken today.


Thigee said...

Yoppie I saw the air con guys there last week. It seems to early for the rangehood to be delivered. The boxes must have been dumped by some one else. That's annoying. I'm sure you're annoyed with the delays. Hang in there you could still be in for Xmas.

bodyshoppercaz said...

looks those bricks! They look so different cleaned!Our bricking was finished seemed to go fast then slow, then stop, then fast! Bring on the next stage!

Thigee said...

Yoppie, I saw them deliver your gyprock this morning.

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