Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cleaned Bricks + Scafolds + Air Conditioning + Lock Up

Wow it has been a crazy and busy times for us recently that I've neglecting to update this blog.  I'll try to update this as I go in a small chunk but at the time of this post, there may be about three weeks of back log of stuff happening to our house.

To summarise the update quickly, here is what has been happening:

  • Bricks are now cleaned
  • Scafolding has come down
  • Air conditioning internal unit is installed
  • Insulation looks like done
  • Electrical wiring done
  • Eaves done
  • Roof done
  • Cladding done
  • Gyprocking is well underway
  • Bi-Folding door is delivered and installed but no glass yet

About a couple of weeks ago, we finally got our SS to agree for us to come and visit for a walkthrough with him.  We told him about some contract variation that is missing and our SS efficiently fixed that for us the next day.  Wifey also pointed out a strangely shaped looking metal that looks like it's bent in the ceiling of the garage and he fixed that also.

We have also been billed for the lock up.  Metricon's definition of lock up is quite funny in my humble opionion.  Apparently their definition of a lock up is without front and rear entry doors.  (It's true, I've read the contract again and I just couldn't believe my eyes!)  So all the while we are at lock up stage, we can still roam free inside the house...

Anyway one thing that I'd like to comment on, although our SS is quite elusive with us requesting to come and visit (whilst the head office seemed to think we should be able to visit anytime we like as it is our house), he is a man of his word.

We asked him if it is possible for us to come and clean the house from the dust before the gyprock goes up.  Like Thigee, we also like to keep our house cleaned even if we don't see it and all the dust are within the walls.  But our SS assured us that he builds our house like he builds his own home and he will get the carpenter to do an entire house sweep including the insides of where the walls should be.

He kept that promise!  We came back the next week and they actually DID cleaned and sweep the entire place!  The kids also loved the place and run around nails free!  Two thumbs up to our SS.

We also saw that the gyprock has been delivered as well.

So here are some recent photos from our visit.

I haven't had time to process the gyprock photos yet so I promise that I'll do that in the next post.

Previous week after they took down the scafolding
Internal Air conditioning unit installed

Alien come and invaded our place in one night!

What a MESS!!! Kids please clean up your toys...

Feels like I'm inside the tummy of a dinosaur!  I was eaten alive!

Gyprock before it's up on the wall

See what I mean being inside the tummy?!

Bi-Folding door that would cost us around $4k to upgrade!

Cladding done and a look of our Bi-Folding door from the backyard
Geeky stuff.  Where the network switch will go.  Love the color of the bricks. I guess we didn't make the wrong choice then. :)  Don't you think so?

Our Home


Thigee said...

Looking great Yoppie, so much progress. I like your brick as well.

April and Allan said...

wow great progress!! bricks look great & am in love with your bi-folds :-)

brad said...

Where are you putting the network switch?

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