Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breaking and Entering

Well there is not much to report or update from our last visit as we've just settled our bills with Di Lorenzo earlier this week.

I have let our SS know about this and he said he will organise the tiler to start working on them as soon as the order comes through.

We did, however, from our recent visit found that the back door was unlocked!  It appears to be inviting and beckoning to be broken into... (of course you wouldn't want this happen when the house is finished and ready to be lived in :)).

So this is a golden opportunity for me to take pictures of the interior of the house, including the kitchen!!

Kitchen reloaded!

Same kitchen with different angle :)
Above the fridge wine rack
I have had few people asking us about the location of this wine rack.  Refrigerator being the electrical nature as it is produces heat from the mechanical motor installed at the back of the fridge.  Some wine apparently can't be exposed to this sort of heat and will damage the content of the wine.

Obviously we didn't know about this as we rarely drink alcohol and all of our collection of wines are either gifts from friends or we actually bought them from the duty free shop at the airport because they are so cheap!  So despite the fact that we rarely drink alcohol, we still buy them just for the sheer decoration value out of it.

Moving on with the rest of the pictures...

Laundry up close and personal

President bathtub - Ensuite

Shower - Ensuite

Main Bathroom


Entry to the main bedroom with the translucent glass door
I've also taken some picture of other things that happens around our place.

The wind has been quite strong this week that it blew the porta-loo outside out of it's place.

The bridge behind our place is also nearing it's completion.


Bel and Phil said...

You had some painters there this week too..... yesterday I think. They were in the garage from what I could see at least :)

House of Lerve said...

Hi SkyPiea, I noticed you have draws in between your doors on your ensuite vanity. Our SC told us that we would not have draws as we are building the 36sq and not the 40sq's. Did they make your cupboards smaller? Just wondering how they fit the draws in. When I look at our plans there seems to be no room to put the draws in between unless the cupboards either side are made smaller.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Hi House of Lerve, the vanity unit in Tribeca 36 original plan doesn't go from wall to wall so there should be gap in between each side to the wall. This is a variation that I asked from our SC to put the drawer to fill in those gaps. There may be the case of making the cupboards a little smaller but our SC didn't advise that to us. The cost to add the drawer to the vanity is only $185 and that's including the caesarstone that we are getting as part of the promotion package.

Hope this helps. :)

House of Lerve said...

Hi Skypiea. Our plans are now in council, do you think that's something we could add at our internal colour appointment? It's so exciting seeing your TriBeCa come to life. I look every couple of days to see if there's any new pics or updates. Can't wAit to be at your stage. How have they been so far ?

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