Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We are still waiting for the tile order to be delivered by Di Lorenzo.  I guess this delay is unavoidable as the bill wasn't settled on time.  Nevertheless, it would be nice if tiling can start sometime this week.

In the mean time, from what we can see from our last visit, there were some more work done to the house.  Like Phil and Bel said there were some painters working in our house on the weekend.  We've noticed that the entry doors, front and back, and stairs have been stained with the merbau color as we selected during the internal color selection.

Hopefully when we visit this weekend a little bit more progress on the tiles would have been lovely.

Bi Folding door in the outdoor room

Stair railing

Front entry door


magi said...

Great explanation, thanks for the posting!
Merbau Australia

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