Monday, December 12, 2011


Construction is moving along towards the end and I believe we only needed the driveway to complete.  There are some other final touch ups and fixes that we'd like to see but at least all the major work is very near. 

We are hoping for the handover to happen before the Christmas.  But then again we still aren't able to move in as we still need to put down the floor boards.  Not to mention that there are still a couple of inspections to go through.

In one of my earlier post, I've alluded to the fact that I still need to do the council strip driveway because this wasn't included in our contract with Metricon...

How very wrong I was....!

Here is the prove.

This mean that I don't need to waste anymore time looking for concreter for our driveway.  Thanks to our SS.


reyne martin said...

I think you must be very happy with all turnarounds. It is time to being happy for you.
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House of Lerve said...

Your blog and the photos is almost like a daily obsession. Checking to see if there is any new photo updates We are building the TriBeCa 36 as well, they demolish our house 10th January 2012 and hopefully start building end January, weather permitting. Keep the pics coming. Have a Merry Christmas !!!

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