Friday, January 20, 2012

Racing to the end...

There is not much I can write in this post as we are very near to our handover stage.

The latest update that I got today from our SS is saying that the guys has been doing some final touch-ups, cleaning and a bit of re-painting inside.

The front pier rendered brick post is going to get painted tomorrow.

He also said that his construction manager has done a walkthrough of the house today and waiting for the council inspection.

He also then invited us to do our walkthrough sometime next week when the place is cleaner and then I can get them to address any issues that we may or may not find.

I better get my act together and get the inspection check list out.

We really can't wait to say that we are finally move in!


Rachel and Sandy said...

Brilliant news you'll soon have your keys and moving your belongings in. Enjoy
Take some notes at walk through and at handover otherwise you'll forget things. Good luck and hoe exciting

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