Friday, February 3, 2012

Are we done yet?? P.C.I.

Nope the key is not in our hands yet but close, very close.  They're now within our reach.... hopefully.

What a week it has been for our family.  Our eldest had his first day of big school already and he seemed to enjoyed it.  I was quite nervous that he will not like going to school but all was very smooth and he was fine.  I guess it's sign that our boy is growing.  Whilst he made me proud as a parent but I'm also sad because he had been with us all this time since he was a baby.

Anyway back to the house...

So our supervisor seem to be running like headless chuck (I actually drove pass him when I was picking up my son at the school and that he was actually working).  All this time I thought he was being a slack.  I guess he gotten busy over the year as in our area there is a lot of Metricon houses being built and they seemed to be struggling to keep up with the demand.

As the title said, our supervisor arranged for us to do our PCI tomorrow!  He rang last week to arrange it with us but I'm the one now being a slack for not updating.

Well it is initially planned for tomorrow but due to the wonderful weather we've been having this week (NOT!!!) the site is covered with mud and we do need to walk to every part of the house.  We postponed it to Monday when it is a lot clearer, well according to the forecast anyway...  Should I trust them?

I've also made contact with all my soon neighbors to be about the fencing construction.  All of them are all very nice people and can't wait to move in to the area.  Generally they are all ok with the quote I sent them via the post.

I feel like over the next few months I will finally get my hands dirty that comes along with the suburban scar and quite busy doing a lot of "home improvement" chores.

I have my finger cross for Monday that everything can be settled as quickly as possible.  Like I said earlier, my son started school in the area already and it is quite inconvenience having to drive from we live now to the school.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope everything went well and you are happy with your new home - I bet it's lovely!

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