Friday, January 6, 2012

We Got Driveway!

Hello everyone.  Welcome to the year 2012!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful time to start the year and to those who have and will start their building journey, all the best of luck and hope that our experience maybe of some assistance to all.

Our journey has been a pretty long one with some rocky road along the way.  This would probably the last leg of the hurdle that we need to get through in order to get our house to a handover stage.

It would appear from the outside that everything is done and there is not much to do on the inside also.  Other than some fixing up to do like windows, doors not being able to close properly, site clean up, cornices are missing on top of the entrance door front portico, fly screens, paint to the rendered post and some other things that I probably have no clue about, I'd definitely say we're almost there.

However with that being said, there is apparently 5 weeks industry shut down where no tradies or supplier is working or open during the month of January until early February or so I've been told.

The frustrating part is that there has been lack of communication from Metricon and our site supervisor recently with our progress.  I had to chase them up for updates on our house.

We've also taken the step to get some quotes for dividing fences to our neighbours.  I've got two quotes that are very far apart on the amount.  There is about $2000 difference between the two quotes!  Please contact me via the "Contact Us" page if you are interested in getting the contact details for the fencing company.

From our recent visit, I noticed that the driveway has been paved and the window wasn't locked.  So I was able to sneak inside for a quick peek of the house.

I felt like a geek having to post this image.

Shower frame is up.


Shayne said...

Looking lovely - its hard to be so close yet so far, I know!

Your bathroom floor tiles are the same as ours :)

Good luck with the last parts of a long journey!

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