Saturday, June 11, 2011


Our SS said that the frame work is all complete now and they have started on the bricking on Thursday.  That would mean that very soon we will get another invoice in our mailbox with for Frame progress payment.  But we felt like it was not long ago that we just signed the invoice for the slab payment.

I went to our house with the kids on Saturday morning and met Thigee and Ben when we got there.  We had a good chat and they showed me around their now finish wall.  I think that everything is happening really fast for them and they should be moving in about two or three months.  Especially that their bricking and roof is now finish, everything else can be done inside the house.  So weather should no longer be an issue for the builders.  Although Saturday was particularly cold and it was really freezing that day.

We saw that there are few people working at our house in the distance braving the cold and a little wet weather. I got my jacket on and wear about two layers of thick clothing underneath and I still felt cold.  I wonder how cold resistance they can get... but seeing them working hard laying the bricks in the cold weather made me feel their dedication to finish the work in time.  So this time, without saying or promising anything, I made my way to the local shopping centre and get some drinks to fight the cold weather.

When I return they were still there working away but at the same time some sprinkles of rain started to drop as well so they started packing up.  Before they go, I reward them with the drinks I bought and this seemed to have cheered them up greatly!

I also had a chat with someone who appears to be the main guy for the brick layers.  He said that we have a nice big house and the bricks that we choose was one of the best quality.  Some other bricks can have some dents on them or doesn't appear to be flat but the bricks that we chose was flat and strong with the smooth face feature.  That was a good comment and it is quite pleasant that the brick layer gave their approval of our selection!

He said that they should be finish the brick for the top floor as well by next week.  So as soon as the scaffolding goes up, the team will come around and start the work barring the weather condition of course.  They worked pretty quickly as our SS told me that they only started on Thursday and what I saw was they nearly finish the ground floor already.

He also said that we can go and take a look inside the house as they were packing up anyway.  There were a couple of plumbers there also but I hope that we didn't disturb their work and tripped on something when I'm busy taking photos and the kids running around, as if their own home! (well in a way it is!)

Piccies time.

Our choice of bricks

Austral Brick - Symmetry Earth

Entry - Study Room - Sitting Room

Brick work

Window opening in the study room - Entry hallway


Rumpus Room

Laundry - Pantry


Thigee said...

Yops it must have been nice to walk through your house finally. I'll go past tomorrow and check things out for you, send you a few pictures if I can.

bodyshoppercaz said...

My..what great taste..we have chosen the earth brick as well!! Very happy to hear that the bricklayers like them. These were an upgrade for us. Were they an upgrade with Metricon too?

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