Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Second Frame

After getting some updates from our great neighbors, Thigee and Bel, we were quite anxious to see the progress of our dream home but we live quite far away that limits our time for the drive around.  However we got an opportunity to visit the site when we were going for the school entry interview of our son in Stanhope Gardens.  And we are liking every bit of it!  It looks very much like a house now.

There were also some increased construction activity on our part of the corner.  The block behind our house was getting their slab poured.  Well not directly behind us that is but in the corner.

I had a chance to also talk with one of the worker and asked if they wanted anything.  I just felt like rewarding them for the work and effort in building our house.  However as we were also going to the school interview and not knowing what time we will finish, I can't promise them that I will return.  The interview did went on for a while and we finished up quite late.  We went to the local shopping centre afterwards anyway to get the drinks that I promised but we met our family friend who already moved to the area in the Kalina estate.  We had a long chat with them and it was getting quite late.

By the time we walked out of the shopping centre, it was already dark and we weren't able to go to our house again as our son is getting tired and hungry.  I felt bad as I didn't do what I said I would but hopefully when I have another chance to visit while the work is still going on I can reward them in a way.

Photos of our recent visit below.

Looks like they installed the external window too

Ahh our dream home

Standing proudly by itself


Thigee said...

Yops, Ben said that there were 6 guys working on the bricking of your house. Going really fast. Hope we meet you guys tomorrow.

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