Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tile Selection

We had our tile selection appointment at Di Lorenzo in the morning.  So off we went there to spend more money away.

Long story cut short, and as most of us would have done, we ended up upgrading the standard tile selection to something "more".  Thigee and Ben have warned us on what to expect at our appointment and it is pretty much happened exactly what Thigee had said.

Although we feel that we are getting to the point where we are about to blow our budget for the construction, we also didn't feel that we wanted to re-tile the house again in the future.  So taking all that into our consideration this is what we came up with:

Kitchen splashback

Ensuite - Bathroom - Powder room floor tiles
Size 3x6

Feature wall tiles - Mosaic - Dark Mocha

Putting it all together
There is a white wall tiles here but it's so white it is almost invisible

Tiles for balcony
After spending nearly two hours at Di Lorenzo and some more money of course, we made our way to our soon to be house to check out what has been happening.

It was quite muddy with all the rain that has been happening during the week, but I say where there's a will, there is a way!  The site like always it's locked from the front however the side fence is always left open from some reason (makes us wonder why do they even put a lock on the front fence anyway?  Beats the purpose doesn't it?), so my wife got some left over or unused block for us as a stepping stone.

When we were inside, this is what we see and finally I got some time to go upstairs too...

Wifey wanted to post in front of the house before going in

Never got this properly until this day
Sliding door to outdoor room

Sitting room

Wall opening to study room

Entry to the main bedroom

Soon to be ensuite

Hall way in the main bedroom

Leisure room
After we were satisfied with what we see, we met with our next door neighbor just as we were about to leave.  We had a good chat with them about their block of land and apparently they can only visit their land once a month as they are working in Western Australia at the moment.  They are also getting some custom design house for the build due to the shape and some restrictions on their block.  Apparently they have a lot of set backs and additional requirement due to the fact they have a corner block.

Not long after, we were joined by Phil and Bel from the Reedman home!  It was quite a busy and beautiful day really.  It is not surprising that everyone is out and about to visit to their soon to be home.  Phil and Bel are also building a custom design house.

We are really looking forward to move in to our new house now.

PS:  The time of this writing is actually two weeks late.  I started writing the post at the 18 June but never got around to complete nor publish it until today.  I feel so very slack but hopefully I can pick up once my bank drama is over!  Next post I will tell all about it...


Thigee said...

Yoppie so good to read your blog. You did well with the tiling selection. You and H have good taste. Love your kitchen splashback tile. We've been looking out for you the last two weeks but didn't get to meet you unfortunately. The brickies were back at your house today. Was good weather for them to do some work. Maybe we'll meet this weekend.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Hi Thigee, yes finally glad to be back online. Thank you for the lovely comments. We were away last weekend and didn't went for a visit and before that we were at our tile selection appointment in the morning. so we got there quite late in the afternoon. We may have missed you. We met with Phil and Bel though. They were taking some photos of the area.

Hope to see you this weekend.

bodyshoppercaz said...

I also like your splashback is the same that we have chosen but we opted for a darker brown/grey...we are messy cooks haha..hopefully will hide the spills!! Looking forward to following your progress.

reyne martin said...

I am very impressed the way you choose tiles for your house. I like balcony tiles very much then I like Kitchen splashback.
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