Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Up Doc? The Frame of course!

We got a call from our SS on Friday to give more updates on what's happening with the house.  Although some of the updates I already learned from Thigee as Ben and her are always there and they are the nicest neighbor anybody can have.

One particular update of interest is the frame.  Thigee said that they were working on it on Thursday and sent us some pictures with the workers still working on them.  I, personally, would've thought that there won't be any work done on our home as it has been raining (and on some days are pretty heavy rain) for the entire week.  But our SS seemed to be determined to get our home done in time, to which we really appreciate the effort.

Our SS also told us that the bricks will arrive on Wednesday morning.  He said that he was hoping that they can start laying the bricks on the very same day once the frame work has been completed.

We went to the site on Saturday morning for a visit but it was too muddy to go inside the house.  We really should be considering in investing in couple of pairs of gum boots!

We also met with our neighbor Thigee and her husband Ben on Saturday and had a good laugh with them for about an hour or so before we are off to do our tile selection at Di Lorenzo.  What a lovely and funny couple!  We are so looking forward to live in the new home now.

After getting some lunch at the local McDonald's (a very unhealthy habit, kids please don't follow this at home!), we made our way to Di Lorenzo.  However as this is our first time building and selecting tiles, we were overwhelmed with the range of selection that they have in the shop.  We have been told the range that we are getting as part of the building package but still there were still a lot to look at and consider.

We ended up leaving empty handed but we made a proper appointment in two weeks with a consultant that can help with our tile selection.

Here are some pics from our recent visit.  Enjoy.

First floor up

A muddy side pathway

Picture courtesy of our neighbor Thigee

Picture courtesy of our neighbor Thigee


Tonia said...

Yay for the frame! Might go and check it out this week when I pop round to our place!

Thigee said...

Thanks Yops was so good to meet you and Helena. Saw your house tonight and the roof trusses are also up.

Bel and Phil said...

Hi Skypie.... lots of work on your house today. Phil said that they are working on the second storey now and there would have been at least 8 workmen there today.... powering along.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Tonia, you are most welcome to do a walkthrough if you like. That's if the gate is not locked. Everytime we go it's always been locked for us.

Thank you all for the updates my neighbors :) I hope we bump into each other again Thigee and looking forward to meet you in one of your visit Bel.

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