Monday, February 20, 2012

Nearly There!

We are *THIS* close to getting our keys to the house.

I finally received the bank cheque in the mail today after what it seems to be an endless argument between me and the bank...  Don't ask, I'd rather not re-visit that whole experience again.

I immediately ring our site supervisor to arrange a new time for the handover.  As much as I like it to be tomorrow, unfortunately he is not working tomorrow...  Story of my life.

So we are booked for Wednesday morning for our handover.  YAY!!

It's been long overdue but we are glad that we know have at least a date of when we can move in.  Landscaping should be done by that time also, to which I need to post a detail about it.  I'll do that in the near future.

First thing first, getting the key to the house is our priority at the moment and flooring is going to be layed on the very same day.


Pyara Sa Ghar said...

Congratulations exciting times :)

Pandorash8 said...

How exciting! Enjoy your new place and remember to post lots of pics :)

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