Friday, February 17, 2012

PCI. How did it go.

As our last post mentioned, we had our PCI walkthrough last week.

Thanks to Karla with the mother of all checklist, the walkthrough was smooth and we actually have a plan and know what to look for.

We've also been inside the house a few times before the PCI and we had a good look through around the house in preparation for our PCI.  In addition to the list, we felt we are prepared to show our supervisor what we are not happy with.

In all honesty, however, we find very little fault or defects with the quality of the build.  Our supervisor is a man of his word and cleaned everything prior to our appointment.  He guided us into every room and explained to us, if there is anything that needs explanation, very thoroughly and more importantly he didn't rush us to finish our inspection.

I've heard some stories from other people around the area saying that their supervisor rushed them to complete their inspection and got them to sign that the house is basically near perfect.

There is not much blue sticker around the house.  We had a good look on the level and bumps on the ceiling and on the slab.  Tested the light switch and power points.  Check the cornices and skirting board.  Test all windows and doors.  Opening and closing the cupboards.  Tested the water, etc. as you would before you buy a house.

Paint work was excellent and I really couldn't find any patchy spot for the paint as you normally would around the corner after you fix something.  At least that should be visible but nothing to be seen around our house.

Only some of the minor stuff like all of bathroom gaps need another seal, missing light fittings (but it turns out that all appliances and fittings will be fitted after we move in and we are ready), mortar joint on the brickwork needs some touch up and servicing the windows so that it rolls easily.  That is all they need to fix from our list.  Our supervisor said that it wouldn't take long for him to finish and as of today our dream house is ready for hand over.

That is our next step.  Get a bank cheque from our bank, have another walkthrough with our supervisor and if we are happy, hand him over the cheque and he will give us the key to our dream house.

So where's the hold up?  Why haven't we got our keys yet?

Well it is simply because we haven't got the bank cheque yet...

I believe I've posted something about our banks many months ago.  Well that opinion hasn't change until today or in the foreseeable future and don't even mention our broker...

The request to draw the cheque for final payment was made last week and today there is still no sight of cheque to be seen in our mailbox or the bank branch.  Apparently it'll take them 6 - 9 days to send the cheque to us...

It is what it is and it's another setback for us.  So close yet so far.

We all only wish that the cheque would come through early next week so we can get the keys already!

PS. If you like a copy of the PCI checklist, I am more than happy to share that with you.  Please use the "Contact Us" page to... well... contact us.

Just to note that there are 44 pages in this document (you heard me correct, I kid you not), so my recommendation is to read it carefully and change the document to suit your project home.


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