Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Authority to Commence Construction

After a long epic saga of chasing around and calling a number of people, I have finally received my builder's pack or the Authority to Commence Construction pack in my inbox this morning.

Well in a way I pushed them to send a fax to me with all the documents I need.  I know that I really didn't have to call the bank as I went through a broker and should just let the broker handle these things but I think from my previous blog post, we can all agree that my broker really is a bit of a dud and doesn't know what she was doing.

Yes, I did rang the bank yesterday and asked them where was the letter that they said it was sent last week.

I was told that it takes about 1 week for the letter to be processed and send to me.  I find that quite ridiculous actually, but having said that as this is the bank that we are talking about so I don't find it as a surprise anymore.

They offered for the document to be sent via fax which I accepted immediately and forwarded to Metricon right away.

However just we are still on this case, I must also say that they can't even follow a simple instruction.  I've asked for the document to be attention to myself as I am using the fax number at work.  However the fax cover page with all the necessary recipient detail was filled with my wife's detail.  Although they did get the fax number correct.  Fortunately I was still able to get the fax from the unidentified fax list as obviously my wife doesn't work here.  On top of that, I failed to understand that how can they get the address of the construction wrong??  All other loan documents that I have, were correct and had the correct address but the pack that I received was wrong??  Well when I sent this to Metricon, they were quite happy that this was the right document so I don't chase it up with the bank as quite frankly I couldn't be bothered doing it anymore.  So long everyone is happy, I'll just go with that.

Go figure...

Finally, all the documents, letter and notice that Metricon require to progress with our construction is with them already.  The last piece of the puzzle, which is the final construction drawing is the only outstanding item that we need to agree on.

Also our CSO at Metricon has been replaced by someone else who happens to be the team leader as she has left the company and moved on with her role.  I can only thank her for the help that she has provided thus far.

I can only hope that now things can go a lot more smoother and quicker as I am hoping to have move in to the new house before my son starts the kindergarten next year.


Thigee said...

Congratulations on the progress so far. Good to hear that you are one step closer now to starting construction.

April and Allan said...

Congrats!! Sorry to hear all your struggles with the bank :( looking forward to seeing your home progress.

Karla said...

What a relief for you!

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Thanks all :)
Hopefully we can catch up with your build.

Thigee, we went to our block last weekend and there was a silver 4WD in front of your brother's block. I'm assuming that was your brother?

April and Allan, congrats on your house. From the photo in your blog, it looks very lovely!

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