Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rain Oh Rain please be kind...

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it
and wrong too often for us to rely on it. - Patrick Young

Our SS rang late last week to give an update on what has been happening on our project home.  He told us that the workers have done our drainage, under wiring electricals and sealed the slab.  He also told that next week, which is in fact this week, our frame will be delivered on Tuesday and he will get it started on Wednesday.  It will take about two days for them to install the frame and by the end of the week we should be able to see the structure of the house.

But what is that I see in the distance in our visit on Saturday??

Our Frame!!!!!!

Weren't these supposed to be delivered on Tuesday?  Nevertheless it is still good to see them.  Our SS even said that we are ahead of schedule in our project and he will try to keep it that way and have the house handover to us before the contract date.

It is very thoughtful and nice of him but in this kind of weather, I'm afraid there won't be anything done until the rain stop.

I also took some pictures of our soon to be neighbor Thigee's house of her fantastic looking bricks.  There were couple of guys who were cleaning them and it shows the true color inside.  It was so good that I decided to take some pictures of it.  For privacy reason, I've sent the pictures to Thigee.  Please visit her site if interested.

So please rain, can you be so kind and come back another day?  At least until we are at the stage where the workers can work in the rain...


Thigee said...

Skypiea thanks so much for the pictures. I am so happy with the brick colour. So glad that you have a good SS who is doing his best to be ahead of schedule. Praying for the rain to ease off for you guys.

Tonia said...

Fingers crossed for no rain for you guys! Get that frame up baby!!! lol

P.s Thigee, I went to your place on the weekend..looks very nice!!! Bricks and render are lovely together!


Shayne said...

The rain is awful! I hope it eases up soon for you guys :)

Thigee said...

Yopz, check your email. Sent you something.

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