Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Construction Drawing

I think I will avoid saying "Finally" this time round as in my last few posts, I've been using the word like there's no tomorrow!

I've had some delays and what feels like a never ending frustration.  At one stage, I honestly thought that this was never going to happen for us.  So an email came in to my inbox this morning with the subject of "Final Construction Documents" from Metricon!

I was so happy with the email for some reason and start to think maybe this is the end of "my" tunnel.  So I quickly review every drawings, plans and our color selection document once again and said to myself, yep all looks good.

(Maybe it's because I want to start construction so badly that I wasn't being attentive to detail... but anyway I checked the documents again after I sent it and it still looked good!)

Fortunately my wife was nearby my office and I asked her to stop by and sign the acceptance paper.  We immediately sent it to Metricon just before the close of business today.

I'm beginning to feel that I am getting more attention from Metricon now as our CSO responded to my email at 6.00pm saying that she had sent all our paperwork to the construction department for orders to be placed and for the construction work to start real soon!

I thought to myself, Wow! That was quick...  Maybe someone did listen and answered our prayer after all...  Thank you.

The message also said that we will be assigned a site manager and he/she will get in touch with us real soon to discuss about the construction.

So after 11 months and 15 days or 350 days since we put down our initial deposit with Metricon, it is time to begin some real action!

I will share the drawing diagrams in the coming week as I didn't had the time to scan them today.  So stay tune for the update.

Over and out.


Karla said...

Great news!! Congratulations!!

Thigee said...

Really good news, maybe we'll see some action on your block next week. Who knows!

Jyothi Deepak said...

Congrats, did Metricon ask you anything about the contract expiry?

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Thanks guys.

No Metricon didn't ask anything about the contract expiry. From the last message that I receive from our CSO, I think she also knew that the final drawing was also delayed as she keep repeating that she is still chasing it up with the drafter and that it is a high priority.

It is a similar case when they first extended my contract expiry due to people being away and there was the Christmas holiday there as well.

Thigee said...

SkyPiea, have they started your house yet. Went passed today and noticed that the excavation has been done. Hope I looked at the right block of land.

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