Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things that make you go SLAB!!

What a busy morning at The Ponds today!  We met with our site supervisor this morning and we were about 10 minutes early (our appointment time was for 8am), I guessed that we were too eager to see what's happening on our soon to be home.

It does gave us the time to wander around the block and see what else is happening.  It was really a busy block with so much construction work is going on.

The bridge/street that connecting our side of the Riverbank Drive to the Sales Office, which soon will be one of The Ponds main street, is being worked on and it would appear that they are working on the bridge this morning.

The two house behind our block is also full of people doing the framework and guttering (wish I was at that stage already).

I saw a few people on our soon to be neighbor, Thigee, house working on the roof.

Also the block across from us whom I believe it is belong to Thigee's brother is being worked on as well.  Although I'm not quite sure if they are doing the leveling or excavating.

As for our site, our very own slab!!  (forgive me for the quality of the photos as I used my phone camera instead on this).

Isn't this a pretty sight? People working hard to get our house done.

Isn't it pathetic that I actually took this photo and be happy about it??
It is very exciting to learn that everything is happening for us.  Our site supervisor even said that he will try his very best to get us move in before Christmas before we even say it!  What a thoughtful person... :)

Other than that it has been a very busy week for myself and the family.  I hope to be able to visit this coming weekend but we got my brother's wedding happening as well so chances are highly unlikely.

On another note the HIA Home Show is on this week.  I would highly recommend everyone, who is building a new home or renovating or even wanting to improve their home, to visit the show as it is full of inspirational ideas about home improvements.  Plus you also get the show price if you wanted to do something with a particular contractor.


Thigee said...

Skypiea I was there around 10 am this morning and saw that your slab is all done now. Exciting I bet. You're right my brother's excavation was started today and he is really happy to see something happen on his block. Look forward to meeting you, I was also planning on going to the HIA Home show on the weekend.

Karla said...

How exciting! And lovely he'll try and get you in before Christmas!

Thigee said...

Skypiea, the guys were digging trenches around the slab, probably for plumbing.

Thigee said...

Skypiea, looks like you had some frames delivered. Went by there today.

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